//** What is MSS ? [#t57bec2e]
''MSS'' means Multiscale Simulations for Softmatters. The MSS project'' is supported by ''JST-CREST research area'' "[[''High Performance Computing for Multi-scale and Multi-physics Phenomena'':http://www.multi.jst.go.jp/en]]".
The MSS project consists of 4 main research groups headed by the following research leaders.

- ''Prof. Ryoichi Yamamoto'', Research Director, (Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan)
- ''Prof. Takashi Taniguchi'' (Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan)
- ''Prof. Yuuichi Masubuchi'' (Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Japan)
- ''Prof. Kenji Yasuoka'' (Department of Mechanical Engineering,Keio University, Japan)

** NEWS [#w03179d8]

- ''Prof Kenji Yasuoka and Prof Tetsu Narumi won Gordon Bell Prize 2009'' [20 Nov 2009] 

- ''Postdoctoral research positions available.'' [11 Nov 2009]

- [[''KAPSEL-2'':http://www-tph.cheme.kyoto-u.ac.jp/kapsel/]] (an advanced simulator for particle dispersions) released.[19 Aug 2009]