* Programs/Codes from MSS Project [#sc6f3bd1]

** KAPSEL [#tc334ddf]
[[''KAPSEL'':http://www-tph.cheme.kyoto-u.ac.jp/kapsel/]]: A DNS program for particle dispersions.

** NAPLES [#n7a87a70]
[[''NAPLES'':http://masubuchi.jp/NAPLESweb/]]: A computer code to simulate dynamics of entangled polymers (and thus, rheology as well).

** FRISCA [#de13ea07]
[[''FRISCA'':http://www.scl.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~uneyama/en/frisca.html]]: A package of fast rheology simulators for entangled polymers, based on the slip-spring models.

** GPU library [#x2bcd3ce]
[[''GPU library'':]]:
[[''GPU library'':http://www.yasuoka.mech.keio.ac.jp/project/crest_mss.php?lang=en]]: A library with GPUs which is compatible to the basic functions of MR3 library which calculate the intermolecular forces by using the MDGRAPE-3 hardware.