* MSS Seminar@Kyoto #15 [#b2d3d532]
** Date [#d91b291c]
- July 15, 2010Thu14:0016:00

** Place [#c257df8d]
- Kyoto University, Katsura Campus A2 303([[access map:http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/access/campus/katsura.htm]])

*** Lecturer: [#p9a0ce11]
Prof. Koga, T (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stony Brook University) 

*** Title: [#pef36981]
Environmentally friendly and low-temperature process for polymeric nanomaterials using supercritical carbon dioxide 

*** ''Abstract'' [#x9df11da]
Supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) is being used increasingly as an
environmentally friendly solvent for polymer processing. However, the
major disadvantage thus far is that only a limited class of polymers, such
as fluorinated or silicone-based polymers, can be dissolved in scCO2. In
this talk, firstly, I will show the experimental evidence of the anomalous
absorption of the solvent molecules in polymer thin films in the large
compressible region of scCO2 near the critical point (Tc=31.3C and Pc
=7.38MPa). It is found that the anomalous absorption occurs regardless of
the solvent-polymer interactions and can be scaled with the magnitude of
the long-range density fluctuations in supercritical fluids used in the
study. Secondly, I will show advances in the use of the ?density
fluctuating? scCO2 as a versatile, green and low-temperature operational
solvent for creating novel polymeric nanomaterials (nanocomposites,
blockpolymers, semi-crystalline polymer thin films), allowing control over
the morphologies and various phenomena.

This work is supported by NSF-CARRER Grant (No. CMMI-0846267).

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