* MSS Seminar@Kyoto #18 [#wd46a5b0]
** Date [#pd5657aa]
- March 17, 2011í╩Thuí╦14:00í┴16:00

** Place [#ob9d685c]
- Kyoto University, Katsura Campus A2-304 ([[access map:http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/access/campus/katsura.htm]])

*** Lecturer: [#k7eafdff]
Professor Ole Hassager (Dept. of Chemical and Biochemmical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark)

*** Title: [#a98ec7d4]
On the separation principle in Size Exclusion Chromatography and the mean span dimensions of polymer chains

*** Abstract: [#t244c3ea]
We present a general method for calculating the mean span dimension of various branched
and ringed polymers under the assumption of Gaussian chain statistics. The method allows a routine
construction of an integral expression of the mean span dimension based on three base functions, determined
for a connector, an arm and a loop, respectively. Applications of our method are shown to a variety of
polymer architectures including star, two-branch-point, comb and various cyclic chains.
Comparing the mean span dimension with other commonly used molecular size parameters-the radius of gyration
and the hydrodynamic radius, it is found that both the mean span dimension and the hydrodynamic radius shrink
less than does the radius of gyration when comparing averaged sizes of a branched chain with its linear analogue.
Applications of the mean span dimension in size exclusion chromatography (SEC) experiments is discussed.

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